Helen and Kim’s wedding day

They spent a long time finding each other, so planning their special day was easy. 

Helen and Kim decided on the stunning Kenilworth Castle as the venue to make their wedding vows, and harp music to accompany the ceremony.

They came to our music consultation with some ideas about the mood and ambiance they wanted created by the harp music, which was great and gave me some guidance on what music to suggest.

We ended up starting off the afternoon event in a formal and classic style with Gymnopodie 2, Hornpipe and Air on a G String while the guests arrived and were seated.

Wedding music KenilworthKim and his son entered the Gatehouse together to the memorable Canon in D by Pachebel, and Harp of the Western Wind while they waited for Helen to meet with the registrar.

Helen entered the ceremony room in a stunning dress to the traditional Wedding March by Mendelssohn, accompanied by her handsome son. This wedding was truly a family affair! Kenilworth Castle wedding

The signing of the register pieces moved into the more contemporary with Chasing Cars, the Flower Duet and Annie Laurie.

Their spectacular exit was to the popular Rather Be by Clean Bandit.

The weather was bright and sunny – so for the drinks reception the harp was moved outside to accompany the celebration by family and friends of this lovely union. I was so honoured to be a part of it.

Wedding Reception music

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"Everyone was very much impressed with the music, especially as it was the first time many of them had seen a live harpist." Officer Patrick Mulligan
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