A hundred and one questions come to mind when considering hiring a harpist for an event or gathering.  Here are the answers to those questions most often asked of me.  If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please zip me an email on info@michelledaltonharp.com

Are you able to play the harp outdoors?

With a constant eye on the changing British weather, yes, I am able to play my harp outdoors as long as there isn’t a threat of rain or too much wind.  The harp is made of wood and gut strings which are affected by direct sunlight and dramatic temperature changes, and with its height, the harp requires solid ground underneath.  But as long as we take all this into consideration then I am more than happy to play outdoors  – the sound of harp music in the open air is magical.

Can you play with other musicians?

Of course!  I absolutely love playing with others and the harp is well-suited to accompany voice and a wide range of instruments.  Here are some examples or where I’ve played a Christmas party with a flutist, a wedding with a violinist and a funeral with an amazing pipe player.  There is usually a small additional charge for me to play with another musician for your event as we need to factor in additional music purchases and rehearsals.

What kind of music sounds best on a harp?

There are many types of harps and ultimately the sound produced is down to the technique of the harpist.  My harp is a nearly-100-year-old concert grand harp and I play acoustic music, as opposed to electric.  I have 4+ hours of music in my repertoire ranging from standard classical pieces to contemporary pop songs.

How do you pick what music to play at our event?

With such a wide range of music, I really want to make sure I choose the music most suited to your event.  When booking I ask a lot of questions including how many guests, the atmosphere you’re trying to create and if you have any music requests.  In actual fact, if you’re able to tell me the type of music you DON’T want that is also very helpful.

If you are booking me to play a wedding ceremony, I will invite you to my home for a Music Consultation where I will play a range of songs and we’ll choose exactly what you want, together.