Have you ever wanted to play the harp?  Fancy “giving it a go” on the strings just to see what it feels like?

Many people imagine the harp to be an easy instrument to play –  simply glide your fingers over the strings and a beautiful sound floats out.  And with its regal stature and coloured strings it’s so enticing to touch.

Now you can have a chance to have a lesson on the harp and feel the strings for yourself, all in the comfort of my home studio.  It’s a fantastic Harp Experience.

The Harp Experience is a one-hour “lesson” on the basics of the harp: how it works, why it makes some of the noises you hear, who the recognisable harpists and harpers are now and from the past, and an example of how different types of music sound on the harp.  But mostly you will spend time at the harp.  You will understand the weight and balance required to sit at the harp, how soft the strings feel under your fingers and what it feels like to actually play.

Looking for a wonderful gift for a friend, but don’t want to buy more stuff for their house?

Book a #HarpExperience for your friends and give them a gift they will really cherish and learn from.

Caroline booked a Harp Experience for her longtime friend, Jennifer:

“I am always looking for thoughtful and unusual gifts.  Once I had decided on the harp experience, finding a harp teacher to provide it proved difficult. After several failed attempts I found Michelle and am thrilled with the experiences that came out of that one gift for Jennifer.”

Jennifer added:

“Michelle was great at explaining it to me, and within 30 minutes, I was even playing a tune.  I then did what everybody wants to do – that gorgeous, dreamy thing where you draw your fingers over the harp to make those heavenly sounds – performing a gliss, was sheer bliss! The whole experience was exhilarating, and a real dream come true.”

To read the full story of Caroline and Jennifer’s experience, they talk about it here on my Examples page.

Ready to book a #HarpExperience for you, your friend or loved one?  Get in touch on [email protected] or call 07813 458 295.  Let’s make some beautiful music, together.