Clover Green Wedding Reception in Lichfield

The stunning Guildhall in Lichfield was the venue for the English-Italian wedding reception of Clover and Michel.

Following their traditional church ceremony at the Armitage, the guests made their way to the Guildhall in vintage cars. Processo was served on arrival and glasses were topped up to welcome the bride and groom.

A selection of pieces including classics such as Fur Elise, Londonderry Air, Greensleeves and Meditation were interspersed with Italian favourites such as It’s Now or Never, the love theme from The Godfather and A Time to Say Goodbye.

Unfortunately I left shortly after the meal was served so I missed the Ceilidh dancing and traditional cutting of the wedding cake with a sword!

Lovely note from the father of the bride (FOB):

Hi Michelle,

I’m delighted to report that your artistic contribution to the wedding was judged to be a great success!

Your music created exactly the relaxed ambience we wanted as the guests came in, mingled and enjoyed the canapés. As the ‘FOB’ I was glad of your calming influence!

I was delighted to see that you sportingly ‘handed over the strings’ to at least one amateur harpist among the guests to ‘have a go’. Funny what you discover at these events about people you thought you knew.

That you chose the music aptly and performed it professionally was a given. For me, the ‘added value’ was that you arrived, performed and departed with an absolute minimum of fuss. To anyone organising a busy event, that counts for a lot.

Best wishes, Graham Green

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